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Alpaca Manure Compost

Black Gold

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For seedlings make an Alpaca Tea. Mix 1/3 cup alpaca pellets with 2/3 cup water and let sit 3 -24 hours. Within 24 hours of the first application you will see a noticeable change in your seedlings. By the end of the first week the seedlings will have started to grow considerably.

Weekly Tea for all other plants mix 1 cup paca pellets to a 5 gallon bucket. Let sit until a rich, brown color. Water plants with the tea.

Mix up some Alpaca Tea to deter deer from your garden! It is said to be a very effective deer repellent, however to us it is almost odorless with no lingering unpleasant smell.

Try some in your garden. You might even be the envy of all other gardeners :

Alpaca manure is sold $5.00 per 5 gallon bucket, $50 for 1 and a half tractor scoops in the back of your pickup or $100 per full pick up truck load for organic gardening.

Product Specifications
Product Specs Alpaca Manure, Paca Poo, Paca Poop, Black Gold


Alpaca manure is commonly referred to as Black Gold or affectionately known as Paca Poo! Because of their marvelous digestive system, having three stomachs, it takes 50 hours to fully utilize their food intake resulting in bean-shaped pellets, dry with little odor.

Alpacas are one of nature's composters as their manure can be placed directly on and around even your most delicate plants. They do not give any seeds the opportunity to germinate. Alpaca manure is lower in organic matter content than the manure from most other livestock such as cows, horses, goats & sheep, yet it is perfect enough to improve soil texture and water holding capacities. Good soil health will reduce disease and pest problems.It does not need to be composted before using, or aged or cured. It will not burn your plants. It continuously feeds the plants as it can be mixed in with the soil or placed around your plants.

The nitrogen & potassium levels are high. Phosphorus is relatively low (as most livestock manure). The calcium & magnesium content is about average. Alpaca manure is said to be one of the richest organic manure available.

Alpaca manure adds organic materials to the soil and promotes the growth of microorganisms, both of which are beneficial to plants.

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